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A Season of Firsts for the Bulldogs…and Still Counting


Previous years have seen the Bulldogs fluctuate between the rankings on a national scale, sometimes exceeding expectations and other times playing far below their potential. But one thing is for sure, they find a way to turn some heads in the college squash arena with true underdog wins because of their effort, determination and the commitment on and off the court. Last year saw a first time victory against the varsity Tufts team, with also a close win against our rivals, Northeastern. Also, after winning the Hawthorn Cup at the Nationals for the first time in program history, class of 2014 alumni Dmytro Bashchynskyy received an individual mention for his perfect form at Nationals in the Hawthorn Division with a huge 3-2 win against Fordam’s #4 and an unbeaten run throughout.

One factor has been integral in all of these victories; the growing relationship and the commitment from the men’s Tennis team. As NEC champions, they are fully exposed to pressure and hard work on a daily basis and that is very evident when certain matches come down to the wire. There is one player that not only has he been a pivotal member of the squash team but also he has been noticed by the entire College Squash Association for his victories this season. This player is senior, Josh Rubenstein. He plays in the middle of the roster and has got an exceptional win/loss ratio, and has an impressive knack for pulling out huge victories when they matter. Josh’s ability under pressure is quite admirable; his perseverance when his back’s against the wall is something to be marveled at but his gamesmanship, leadership and teamsmanship are qualities that make him a role model and a vital member of the team. Even after a tough practice with the tennis team, he will always find time to come and practice with the squash team. As the season comes to its climax, Josh will be called upon again to continue his winning ways and catapult this team to potentially another Nationals championship. A huge congratulations to Josh for being voted the College Squash Associations player of the week, and good luck to him for his final season as a Bulldog!