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Future Beginings

The Bryant Squash team has had several new recruits that filled the gap that was left by an incredible 2014 senior class. The new recruits are Jaydev Beri, Luke Lorenz, and …… Out of these new recruits, it was Luke Lorenz who stood out the most and posed the biggest threat to opposing teams. Hailing all the way from Colorado, Luke is a freshman on the tennis team but dedicates some of his extra time to playing squash. Luke has never played squash in his life until last semester (Fall 2014). He is an extremely talented athlete in that he was able to pick up the game of squash so quickly and walked onto the team’s middle order. On top of that, Luke has only lost one game so far in the season and that was against our toughest opponents yet, MIT. Luke plays a very tactical game and brings a lot of physicality to the courts. He is a fighter with a great winning spirit and is no doubt the future prospect. We as a club are very thankful to have the commitment from such a great player whose first sport is Tennis.

Luke Lorenz has proven that he could be the next big player for the Bryant squash team, however, he is not alone. Jeydev Beri is another one of the recruits who has brought a lot to the team so far as well. He may not be the best player on the team but he brings a huge amount of intangibles that not many individuals can. Jeydev or more commonly known as “Beri” is also a freshmen and comes from India. He has played squash for a huge portion of his childhood but due to unexpected turn of events, stopped playing at grade 8. Beri came to school and had that passion for squash rekindled. He is a great asset to the team not only on the court / starting team but also off the court. Beri is a very down to earth person who carries a great amount of respect for himself and his peers no matter what. Beri is the person that would sacrifice off his own back to give for the betterment of the team.

All in all, these recruits have great potential for the game and the squash club on a whole. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind, including the coach, that these two individuals are destined for great achievements. Having athletes of this caliber on the team at such a young age provides for a bright future of the club; longevity and the continuation of the clubs tradition.