Title Phone Fax Email
Jared Grasso full bio Jared Grasso Title: Head Coach Phone:   Fax:   Email:  
Brock Erickson full bio Brock Erickson Title: Associate Head Coach Phone: 401-232-6902 x2 Fax:   Email: berickson@bryant.edu
Phil Martelli, Jr. full bio Phil Martelli, Jr. Title: Assistant Coach Phone: 401-232-6902 x3 Fax:   Email: pmartelli@bryant.edu
Chris Cole full bio Chris Cole Title: Assistant Coach Phone: 401-232-6902 x4 Fax:   Email: ccole2@bryant.edu
Eamonn Mahar full bio Eamonn Mahar Title: Director of Basketball Operations Phone: 401-232-6902 x5 Fax:   Email: emahar@bryant.edu
Luke St. Lifer full bio Luke St. Lifer Title: Director of Basketball Analytics Phone:   Fax:   Email: lstlifer@bryant.edu