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Bulldogs open fall with strong showing at Quinnipiac Invite

Bulldogs open fall with strong showing at Quinnipiac Invite

SMITHFIELD, R.I. – The Bryant University women's tennis team opened its fall schedule with 19 victories at the Quinnipiac Invitational.

Coach Cilli's Comments

"We had a lot come out of this weekend. Great wins, close losses and matches where we could have competed better. We took A, B, and C flight Consolations namely because the girls were able to make adjustments which helped them compete better.  It's a starting point I am happy with. Now we take that information and work towards playing smarter at Army in two weeks."


  • Freshman Yasemin Boru (Boca Raton, Fla.) won the A consolation draw with victories over players from Providence, Fairfield and Sacred Heart.
  • Sophomore Arianna Oropeza (Weston, Fla.) claimed the B consolation draw with wins against Providence, Fairfield and Quinnipiac.
  • Junior Aleksi Gottlieb (Plantation, Fla.) won the C consolation draw with victories over UConn, Boston University and Sacred Heart.
  • Freshman Leanne Kendall (Lakeville, Mass.) advanced all the way to the semis in the D draw, posting victories over Sacred Heart and Quinnipiac.
  • Sophomore Haley Pollock (Warwick, R.I.) advanced to the finals of the E consolation final.

Individual Results

Sarah Hickey (Toronto, Ont.)

A Singles: Def. Brianna Lauria (SHU) – 3-6, 6-3, 10-7

A Singles: Lost to Remi Ramos (BU) – 3-6, 3-6

Yasemin Boru

A Singles: lost to Anya Joyner (Army) – 2-6, 6-2, 2-10

A Consolation: def. Aidan Epstein (PC) 8-2

A Consolation: def. Diana Prinos (Fairfield) 8-3

A Consolation Final: def. Brianna Lauria (SHU) 8-6 consolation final

Megan Tan (Calgary, Alberta)

B Singles: lost to Shelly Yaloz (BU) 1-6, 1-6

B Consolation: def. Lauryn Jacobs (PC) 9-7

B Consolation: lost to Payton Bradley (QU) 4-8

Arianna Oropeza

B Singles: lost to Lily Burchell (BU) 4-6, 1-6

B Consolation: def. Haley Gurski (PC) 8-3

B Consolation: def. Aina March (Fairfield) 8-3

B Consolation Final: def. Payton Bradley (QU) 8-4

Gabrielle Bergeron

C Singles: lost to Sophia Prinos (Fairfield) 3-6, 3-6

C Consolation: lost to Laura Crivei (SHU) 2-8

Aleksi Gottlieb

C Singles: lost to Courtney Nash (QU) 2-6, 4-6

C Consolation: def. Jacqueline Lazaro (UConn) default

C Consolation: def. Danielle Blaser (BU) 8-4

C Consolation Final: def. Laura Crivei (SHU) 9-7

Caterina Luisa Rokke

D Singles: lost to Samantha DiMaio (Army) 2-6, 2-6

D Consolation: def. Courtney Connors (Fairfield) 8-3

D Consolation: lost to Lauren Santarsiero (SHU) 0-8

Leanne Kendall

D Singles: def. Nicole Vassalle (SHU) 6-0, 6-0

D Singles: def. Proyfon Lohaphaisan (QU) 4-6, 6-4, 14-12

D Singles: lost to Elizabeth Kozyi (UConn) 5-7, 1-6

Carolina Betancourt

E Singles: lost to Sophia Suri (Army) 0-6, 1-6

E Consolation: lost to Alex Mircea (QU) 4-8

Haley Pollock

E Singles: lost to Maggie Glynn (SHU) 6-2, 2-6, 8-10

E Consolation: def. Morgan Voulo (SHU) 8-3

E Consolation: def. Alex Mircea (QU) 8-2

E Consolation Final: lost to Sophia Suri (Army) 3-8


A Doubles: lost to Joyner/Vincent (Army) 3-6


A Doubles: lost to Bradley/Lu (QU) 4-6


B Doubles: def. Martens/O'Fagan (BU) 7-5

B Doubles: lost to Perrotta/Bou (UConn) 1-6


B Doubles: lost to Perotta/Bou (UConn) 0-6


B Doubles: def. Glynn/Wardius (SHU) 6-2

B Doubles: def. Blaser/Falxa (BU) 7-5

B Doubles: lost to Rabines/Kozyi (UConn) 4-6

Up Next

The Bulldogs head to West Point, New York, for the Army Invitational from Sept. 28-30.